These modular bookcase shelving units are designed to increase the linear feet of usable storage space for walls / apartments that need to maximize their available area. Instead of simply following parallel to the wall these shelving units are angled at a variety of angles: 140°, 120°, 90° & 70° in order to increase the overall linear feet of storage while also providing micro-spaces for browsing and reading.

The additional linear feet gained by using the units may be anywhere from 10% - 25% depending on the angle and combination of units used. The construction of each shelving unit is from furniture grade birch veneer plywood, the natural finish left on the inside back surface and edges; the interior sides are lacquered painted. The shelves themselves are fabricated out of bent aluminum and are adjustable to a variety of positions. All units are 36” wide and of the same depth at their sides so any module regardless of the angle can be placed next to any other module seamlessly.

Material: Birch Veneer Plywood; Aluminum
Finish: Lacquered Paint; Powder Coated
Date: 2012