This is a professional project worked on while employed at the office SPaN - Stonely Palsinski architects Neukomm* in New York City. The scheme for this residence encompasses two full floors of an existing building in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan.

In order to connect the floors of the apartment for circulation as well as spatially two areas of floor were removed on the second floor to produce a double height entry foyer and a large double height dining room. The first floor remains relatively open except for the addition of a simple wood clad volume. The walls of the volume are operable to allow for a continuous view from the front of the apartment to the back when open, and an enclosed space for screening movies when closed. Throughout the apartment the use of wood and blackened steel elements have been incorporated to produce a rich quality of material; the central staircase and the balcony bridges above are built with a patterned glass to both accentuate an ornamental material quality as well as preserve the vertical openness of the apartment.

Personal responsibilities while working on this project included: routine communication with the client, overseeing and coordinating the construction process with the general contractor, coordinating directly with various engineers, consultants and product representatives.

Architect: SPAN Architecture
Role: Project Manager
Location: New York, NY
Size: 5,200 sq. feet
Date: 2006

*Additional information on this project and the work of SPaN can be found at www.span-ny.com