This is a professional project worked on while employed at the office SPaN Architecture - Stonely Palsinski architects Neukomm* in New York City and in collaboration with John Pawson Design** in London who was responsible for the design of the project. The scheme for this residence encompasses the top floor and roof terrace of an existing building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Kitchen, dining and living spaces are brought together in a single fluid territory with south facing windows flooding the interior with natural light. The defining feature of this space is a cantilevered stone fireplace and hearth. The autonomous element element conveys a sense of presence and emphasizes the order of the design. A monolithic stone staircase emerges into a generous roof top terrace offering sweeping city views.

Personal responsibilities while working on this project include: routine communication with the client and her representatives, managing the development of all construction documents, coordinating directly with various engineers, consultants and product representatives, overseeing the bidding / contract negotiations with the general contractor.

Design Architect: John Pawson
Architect of Record: SPAN Architecture
Role: Project Manager
Location: New York, NY
Size: 1,500 sq. feet
Date: 2005-08

*Additional information on the work of SPAN can be found at www.span-ny.com
**Additional information on the work of John Pawson Design can be found at www.johnpawson.com